Friday, February 29, 2008

A Job Well Done

I'm finally at home. I have spent two and a half weeks cleaning at my moms. She has been having problems with her health and My bro and I decided to take a bottle of bleach and role up our sleves to see if there is anything in her house that's making her ill.
Well, To our surprise we found mold, lots and lots of mold. We cleaned out every room, including her basement and scrubbed till our knuckles were raw. I'm really concerned that what we did is not enough. Mold is so dangerous. I'll be looking into it a little more, but we did what we could.
My mom has kept every school project that us kids have ever made and kept every peace of furniture they have ever owned and now was ruined by this horrible stuff.
We filled two and a half dumpsters of junk.
Warning to all...
Don't be a pack rat, it only depreciates and could even greater your chances of getting sick. These things that you treasure only collect dust, and in this case, collect mold and could kill you.
Now that I've finished my moms house I feel the need to clean out my own house. Just get ride of the useless stuff and then I will prevent the day that Jadden will have to do a cleaning job on my home. I doubt that will happen, seeing I hate to collect, but I still have things. Extra dishes and towels, toys and bedding. Things like that. The less I have in my house, the less I have to clean around.


Louise said...

WOW way to go Candy! I am sure your mom appreciates that so much!
I hate clutter and I SOOO need to through my house again and get rid of A LOT, thanks for the reminder ;)
Love ya!

Rose said...

Yes Candy way to go! I am allergic to mold and musty smells so for me it is bad so the dehumidifier goes a lot and we keep our eyes open. It's so dangerous and I think people don't realize just how dangerous it is. A couple from our church had to move out of their house because of this and they were told the whole house should be gutted but they decided to move and someone else did the job. I hope your Mom will feel better soon but if not you should get someone to check out the house, the only thing is they may not like what they get told. If it means they will feel better than it would be worth the hassle right? Anyway what great kids you are for doing that for your parents they are truly blessed to have you! Love you!

Erin said...

What an awesome thing to do for your mom! I would never have even thought of that. Makes me wonder what's all living in my parents house : (

LuLu said...

That is awesome. We did that about 3 years ago and all of a sudden my in laws stopped getting sick. The brita pitcher with mold on it was the culprit. She didnt want to throw it out but we made her.

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