Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hockey Weekend

This weekend is all about hockey. Jadden had his first play-off game of the year and unfortunaly in over time, they lost their game. Tomorow we have another game and if they loose tomorow, their session will be over. The poor boy along with many other kids came off the ice in tears. It broke my heart.
I love watching him play. He has really found his passion in hockey this year and is really exciets me. He is doing great. I wish I could watch him play all year round.
We went to the Moose game this evening with his team and as always we had a hoot. I love the chance for Jadden to have so many friends and really find a place to connect with his dad. Thoughs two are crazy about hockey.
Love you Jadden, good luck on tomorows game.

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Louise said...

LOVE that picture!! What a cutie!