Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New Season

No, I know it's not spring yet but I see that a new season has begun in my home.
My son is not getting younger, no matter how badly I would like that to happen. We are starting to see the signs of puberty so my husband and I have decided that it's time to look at what we need to do to prepare our preteen for his future.
As we started talking about the expected up and coming events, I realized that this is going to be harder then bringing a new born home from the hospital. Needless to say, I was seventeen when I brought my son home. You would think that nothing could be harder than that, but I'm starting to think that that was a breeze compared to this.
We are already starting with the out bursts of tears for no reason at all. "Might I ask, is that not what girls do???" Of course, this only happens when he's over tired. So what do I do now, start an earlier bed time? It feels like time is moving backwards.
We have talked the puberty talk and we've talked the sex talk, so we don't need to worry about that, but it's the hormones that are taking me for a loop.
I know that their taking my poor son for a loop as well so we are going to try to do our best.
After much discussion and prayer, my husband and I have realized that this is the time. This is the time in my son's life that will impact him as an adult. Good or bad. When he becomes an adult his memories of life will be on these very years. They can make a impact on him in what he does and what we do. Talk about pressure!
We want him to enjoy these years and treasure them that he will want the same kind of life for his family. We want him to know where to go to find strength. We want him to become independent, responsible, respectful, joyful and know where the best place for him would be to find the love of his life. I could go on and on about all these big responsibilities. But I'm sure that it would never end.
This new season is going to be fun and stressful. This new season wont only be about him but us too. I can already see that we are growing from this knowledge and it gets me excited to see what God has planned for our life. I know there are many of you women that are in the same season as I am in. I'm thinking of you now and sending out a prayer for you all, because this is for our future.


I have a new friend. Someone who might be a little dangerous but very entertaining. He/She jumps from tree to tree in the most aerobatic moves and takes care of all those creatures that I would rather live with out. Like mice and squirrels. Not that squirrels are all that bad, but they love to wiggle into the crawl spaces of our house and they make a racket and pull out all of our isolation. So at this very moment, this guy is my friend.
This is a Marten, he is in the family of wolverines, mink's and weasels. EEEeeek... I don't like the sound of a wolverine. This guy should be out in British Columbia but has now made a home on our yard. So we will enjoy him/her for as long as we can.
We just need to be very careful when we let our dog out because this guy is very interested in her. "Not a good thing"
I've seen this thing kill and carry a squirrel the same size as him up a tree. And it's pretty vicious.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another one

I'm yet another auntie. My Brother and Sister-in-law had a little boy early this morning. I can't believe it. Two boys in 24 hours. We are so excited!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm a new Auntie

I'm proud to announce that I have a new nephew. He was born at 8:45 this morning. Nehemiah Robert Allan to Norm and Rose, Sheldon's Bro and sis-in-law. He was named after two of his uncle's. My husband included.
He has three older brothers waiting for him at home. My sister-in-law will be well protected with all her big boy's in her house. I can't wait to see him.