Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a great excuse to celebrate my husband. He's always thinking about other people before himself, especially Jadden. He has taken out many hours of his life couching Jadden in Hockey and Soccer. He takes Jadden out for man on man golfing time. He has been able to bring out many characteristics in my son that I would have only imagined only a few short years ago.
Bringing out his passion in life has given Jadden the drive to live his best life. Jadden's dreams have become endless and his confidence has sored.
I can go on and on about all the sacrifices Sheldon has made for our little boy. Starting right at the beginning, when Jadden was still in my whom. But I don't have 12 hours to write it all out. lol...
The awesome thing is that God knows what he has all done and he is building Sheldon mansion in Heaven as I write.
I'm so proud of you Sheldon on the man you've become and the man you are raising. You are so Blessed to have the relationship that you have with Jadden. I love you dearly.
Happy Fathers Day!