Friday, January 30, 2009

The Carillon

I made it into the local news paper with the stylish hair I had on the 26th. You can see picture's on my previous post.
My son was also in the paper with his mohawk.
We are just popular people around here. lol...
All you need to do is be a little crazy and stand out and you can get known by everyone.
Not that it's going to make a difference in my life, most of the people (including me) call the local paper the "Careless News."
Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Years ago I could go to sleep at 1:00am or 2:00am and get up for the morning milking at 5:00am.
This is where I have realized that I am getting older. There is no way that would swing around here anymore.
My husband and I went to bed at 12:30 Sunday night and I still feel like I can't recover from the lack of sleep. It's doesn't help that I'm trying to cut my coffee down either.
Does anyone have a special trick or secret for me?
I need energy!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Team Spirit

Today was all about "Hockey Spirit" for the Mitchell Mohawks!
A bunch of the kids in Jadden's team got Mohawks, painted their hair blue for provincials and got into the team spirit with the football look.

Some of the parents got involved and styled their hair like mohawks and painted their faces.
Kinda hard to do with long hair but I did my best.

We had a blast and I'll have to say that my son's team had great looking fans.

My cool boy showing off his new "due"
Very Cool!!!!
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Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm babbling...

When you've been gone for a week, it seems like it takes a life time to catch up. I've been home a week now and I have been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning around that clock. I have vacuumed, done laundry, washed wall's, washed floors, and shampooed carpet's and my house still feels like it's out of control. I clean one room and as soon as I turn around it's a mess. I'm not cleaning up after toddlers tho, it's two grown men, a ten year old boy, a dog and myself. You would think that they would have learnt how to clean up after them selves by now. Oh ya, do I mention that my DOG has had the flu all week??? Good thing I still have the carpet shampooer. "I'm sorry I mentioned that."
My goal was to have the house work done by Tuesday and spend the rest of the week on school work and my daily house hold duties. I guess I was dreaming. Or maybe I'm just too fussy. That could very well be.
As I chuckle to myself about this idiotic post I'm looking around and realizing that it will only take me and hour and my house will be the best it can be, the guy's really aren't that bad, and then I just have to think about getting groceries. That's actually not that bad for a Friday.
Now the question is, do I delete this whole post or do I share my jibber jabber with all of you? I know I'll look like a fool but I think I'll sacrifice my pride so you can all have a laugh.
I really think this helped, jabbering on and on about useless information, because I feel a whole lot better and I'm ready to tackle that last bit of house cleaning.
I wish you all a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I guess it's about time I inform you on our trip to Cuba.
I'm sorry I took so long to write. We headed straight to my son's hockey tournament which lasted the whole weekend and I spent yesterday unpacking, doing laundry and cleaning.

Our trip was filled with excitement, laughter and many great memories. We arrived on one of the coldest days they had in the past week, +29, but thankfully that cold spell only lasted a day and we enjoyed the warmer weather, +30-32.
sorry, I had to rub it in your face.

Every morning we were on the beach and most afternoons we headed back to the pool. The kids did amazing through out the whole trip, very little complaining and most of them did well with the different food. All the children had an opportunity to go to Kids Club every day, giving mom and dad a two hour break. woohoo!!! They went to feed the fish on a paddle boat, they went snorkeling, and they went to look for fossil on the beach. My son has nothing but great things to say about our trip. It only worries me that we wont get to go on our own trips anymore. Good thing I'm still the parent.
We never left the resort because the closest town was an hour away and the roads weren't the greatest. But to our surprise, we never ran out of things to do.
The biggest highlight for me was that we were able to give gifts to the local people. Some of the people were left with nothing after the hurricane, but we could see that they were not forgotten because there were many people giving them gifts, clothes and helping them with their shelters.

This was a trip I wont ever forget. We travel with an amazing family (Conrad and Louise) and gave Jadden a chance to see a totally different world. I hope we will have many more opportunities to go on trips like this with our whole family.

I don't have a lot of pictures to share with you here but you can go take a look on facebook any time. Just look for "Candy D"
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good bye cold snowy winter.

Hello hot sandy Cuba.
15 hours and counting till we take off to Cuba. I'm busy packing and doing last minute chores around the house.
My son is so pumped about leaving today that he was trying to skip school to "help me pack." Funny boy, I can only imagine what that would have been like.
Well there will be no post's for the next week so I wish you all a great week.
(P.S. I heard it should be getting warmer here in Manitoba. That would be nice for all who need a break from this nasty cold weather.
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Small house, Big heart!

I have had a big problem with hosting parties during the winter months because I wanted my house to be perfect and I wanted to go way out of my way to make everyone's stay great. That's not a reality to make it perfect in a 850sqft. living space. But I've noticed that it's cozy and people always make themselves at home.
I have had a great holiday season having guests over at my house much more than I usually do and I notice that I have a lot more great memories from me getting over myself. And as far as I know, my guest's have enjoyed their visit every time. So yes, I've been cheating myself!!! I used to count down the winter months because we have a great big yard to visit with friends through the summer months, but I don't think that I'll have to keep counting. No matter how big, small, stylish or cluttered, I can always make room for my friends. (((Cheesy...)))
Man it's great when I learn something new!

This is another picture I took from our weekend snow fall.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
"I just heard that there's more snow on it's way."
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Talk about a lot of snow.
15 cm
It's absolutely beautiful.
This is my front yard and if you take a close look at the tree's, you can see that there's almost a foot of snow on some of those poor branch's.
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