Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's happening to our children?

Jadden just came home from school and told us that one of his friends was beat up by a group of kids during their lunch recess. I hear about it all the time, but I never thought that we would see it happening in our own school.
Four kids from grade five went after a fourth grader. What was up their butt?
I hope that the school put a stop to this real quick, or we will see this happening more often.

All I have running through my mind is prevention. Have I raised Jadden well enough that he would never do this, or even fall into the peer pressure of doing this. What do I need to do to prevent this? We have talked about this many times but I know that this gives me a chance to talk about bulling again, so I'll keep this short.

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Louise said...

Yup sad but the fact is that bullying is matter what the size of the school is. sometimes it is an outward act of bullying like a fight on the playground and other times it is a quiet remark a girl makes to another girl in passing. It is tough to hear this, Noah got beat up a while back by someone older too and didn't even tell us, we heard it through a friend of his. I know I always pray that my kids don't do the bullying either but I also want my kids to know when it is okay to defend themselves and also to step in and help a friend who is the one being bullyed...SUCH a fine line though eh? It is important that the school gets involved but in all matter of truth it starts at home right? some kids don't have boundaries.
Hugs to you girl!