Saturday, June 23, 2007

Candy Is The Place To Be...

For some reason I have many riders come through my truck.Jadden really doesn't have much of a choice, but he enjoys the talks that we have and seeing all

the wildlife and clouds as we drive. Tyler is Auntie Candy's helper. If I'm working on the farm he's there. I don't know how he puts up with all the dust. He really shows me that I'm worth almost anything. Last time he even fell asleep on the truck. Not a comfy place to sleep with all the bumps we drive over, but he wouldn't miss it for the world.And Tori had he first ride on the big truck. She didn't understand why we would constantly go back to daddy's tractor if we had just left daddy's tractor, but she had a blast. I'd say, give it another year and she will be another one of Auntie Candy's little helpers.I don't mind... the more the merrier.

A Rewarding Job

The season has begun. I have found myself sweating and driving like mad. It's a wonderful experience... I had the privilege to work together with my Dad, My brother Dave and My Grandpa. It was a generation doing what they love.Working thirteen hours and building

memories as we drive. My Grandpa, now close to eighty years of age, worked along side of us. His health has done him in, but he's to stubborn to quit what he loves to do. This is Grandpa packing the pile of alfalfa. I'm so proud of him, and his pride for his family working on the farm has blessed us all.
Working with your family tests your Patience many times but it's also very rewarding to see what we have all made it through in the past. I could never ask for a harder job, but it's also an awesome job that means so much more then working in a factory. Surprisingly I'm very close to my family and we all have put our all into building this farm to what it is now and we are so proud.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I Miss Him So...

This week has been fill with mixed emotions, built with joy and sadness. I saw fathers day approaching and I was filled with sadness to know that some people had know fathers left to share this special day with.

My Uncle Don meant a lot to me and he has left me with many great memories. His laughter is something that I no longer hear. He's not around to poke me in my rib's. Back then when he was around I sat on the edge of my seat, waiting for the moment he would come up behind me and scare the tar out of me, but he is no longer around.

As I drove the big grain truck this last week, I felt a little closer to him. He had spent many day's flying back and forth from the field to the yard in this truck, and now I had taken his place. Tears welled up inside me and I wanted to just be able to see his face just one more time. I wanted to hear his voice just one more time and then as I thought of his voice, I remembered, "I Love You" was the last thing he signed to me... He no longer had a voice, and he no longer had the energy to lift his hand, but after I sang him a song, He lifted his hand and for the first time he communicated with me... I Love You...
I love you too, Uncle Don and I miss you so much. I'm signing back to you and singing you a song.

"It is finished"

Thursday, June 14, 2007

You Are A Centaur...

In general, You are a very cautious and reserved person. However, you are also warm hearted, and you enjoy helping others in practical ways. You are a great teacher, and you are really good at helping people get their lives in order.
You are very intuitive, and you go with your gut. You make good decisions easily.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Find Your Joyful Spirit

I want you to think of a place you have been where you feel happy. Think of the comfort and joy you can feel in this very place. What do you see there? Who is there? What are you doing?
It's maybe a momment you never want to leave. Or maybe you are in that place right now.
As you think about this, I want you to think of a way to put these feelings into action.
Finding joy in your own home can be a hard thing to do at times. But it is so important to have a space for your self in your home. Find peaces to put in your home that give you joy, It might be a chair with you favorite blanket to curl up in. Or you could have a room filled with pictures of your friends and family posted up all over the room. It could even be the plants that you have planted this spring.
For myself, the most important time to be in my quit place is when I'm reading and doing devotions.
Make this space only for you, just the way you want it. And take time in this spot every day. You will see the stress disapear and you will find that place where you find peace.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Favorite Book

I want to let you know about a book that has changed my life. "Becoming The Woman You Want To Be" By Donna Partow. She is a wonderful person who has found a way to become a healthy Christian. This Book is a 90 day journey, teaching you how to memorise Bible verses, finding inspiration, being a better person, eating healthier foods and exercising. It hits every part of my life and it gives me hope and inspiration for every day. I have a support group that I can go to on line and I get daily e-mails sent to me. It's a wonderful program to start. I encourage you to take the journey with me.

When you know God is there.

I know that parenting can always be tough, But never as tough as last night. We Had a very courageous boy that had his own idea of how his life should be run. And Sheldon and I had to calm this boy down...
It took me a while till I managed to go to God about this, at first my anger took over the whole situation and it got a little worse then it should have. LOL...
When we both calmed down, Jadden and I sat together and talked to God. It was truly an amazing experience. We both took our turns asking God to forgive us and we discussed our actions at our time of the big fight. I can't believe how Jadden has grown up and become a little man. He was consoling me when I told him that I had over reacted and asked him to forgive me. LOL.
And at the end of his prayer that evening He said " I command any demands that are making me act this way and disobey my parents, to go to God in Jesus name... Never to return... You are not welcome here. Let God deal with you there" I WAS AMAZED...That was my little boy taking charge of his actions and realizing the Satan had had control of him at this time. WOO HOO... I'm so pumped.
This is an encouragement to you, When you feel like you haven't done much as a parent and you feel like you have failed terribly... God will show you what you really have done. And you will be Truly Blessed.