Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who would have thought?

Another season of hockey is almost over.
We are always a little nervous when a new season is about to begin. There's always the dreaded cost, worrying about which team Jadden will make it on to, and yes, the parents and children that will end up on our team.
Well, our season started off with a anonymous person paying for Jadden's hockey registration. We were blown away. We had really been praying about putting Jadden into hockey because he was starting guitar lessons and The Plunge (A Christian discipleship training program) this year and we were worried that hockey would be more of a distraction and extra cost that just wasn't necessary. So as you can see God confirmed that it was important for Jadden to play hockey.
Once try-outs were all said and done, Jadden ended up on the C team. He was teamed up with 11 boys that were all identical. They all love Lego, star wars, and reading. These boy's played tournaments and skated off cheering even if they lost. They made us wait 15, 20, sometimes 30 minutes for the boys to change after a game because they would get carried away with chit chatting. These boys did a good job on the ice, but their biggest concern was talking about what happened that week.
Now looking back at the season, we know why we had to pray about this and we know why God gave us such a significant sign that Jadden needed to be on this team. He not only made great friendships, but he felt the freedom to be himself. He talked about what interested him the most and that is Jesus Christ our Savior. Parents told me that they've found their children behind closed doors reading their Bible's because of something Jadden talked about after a practice or a game. Jadden started getting opportunities to pray over his friends for healing, weather it was for physical or emotional healing.
Jadden started doing the most remarkable things for God with his team. At the beginning of the season he asked his coaches if he could pray with his team before every game. After the coaches approval Jadden stood up before every game and started a prayer time. Today was the greatest day of all. Their goalie was injured this week and their whole team stood over him today, put hands on him and prayed healing over his foot. This boy who showed up on crutches played an amazing game in net. Our God is good, isn't he?
Now that the season is almost over these boys who's interest is in Lego, star wars, reading, and now God just won their first round of play-offs are going into the finals to take home the banner!!!! For those of you who don't know what that means, they are three games away from 1st place!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I need to confess

Oh, the things we do for our children. This week is busy busy busy! My son is on a hockey team so us parents always have the dreaded week scheduled into our winter to work the canteen. It is only a couple of day's through out the week but it's too much for me.

Sunday: Company for lunch, my moms birthday party.
Monday: Moms birthday, working the evening shift in the canteen.
Tuesday: School, working the evening canteen shift.
Wednesday: School, Jadden's first play-off game and hour away.
Thursday: School, Helping Shel's sis and bro-in-law move.
Friday: Home school group, Work the canteen evening shift.

I'm the kind of person who can't handle a booked up week. I need at least one evening for my family to stay at home and rest. I'm also a person who can't handle change. Yes' I'm laughing while I right this because who's life doesn't change, but I'm confessing my weakness.
I wish you all a great week. Be sure to give me some tips if you have anything stashed in your survival kit.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's about time!

It's been almost a full year since my last post, but I'm not sure if I really want to give this up. I'm busy most of my day's teaching my son, but love the fact that I can still come here to connect with women, to refresh my mind, and renew my spirit.
I've spent this past year at home. I've been busy teaching my son, working on knitting projects, and taking baby and children's portraits of my close friends and family, but mostly enlarging my mind with God's truth and love. My Father has blessed me yet again in seeing faith and knowledge being built, not only for myself but for my husband and son. We have experienced God work miracles in our life this last year. Financially, supernaturally, and deep in our hearts. He is changing us for the better!
We've experienced a great holiday filled with memories, and challenges. (giggle) Camping on an island (i hate camping period), having our tent torn to peaces in a wind storm, and last but not least...losing the motor for our boat in 50 feet of water making it hard to trek back nine miles to main land. Thankfully we all got home safely and laugh about it now.
We've had a much more relaxing winter. My son Jadden is still playing hockey but my husband took off this winter from coaching which has freed up two evenings out of each week. Very thankful for that! Jadden joined a discipleship group this winter, learning the in depth works of Christ, and Sheldon has joined in on the fun and he's become one of the mentors.
I'll try harder to keep you updated in the future. Gotta get to other things.
God Bless!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Written by: Beth Moore

We're unindated with news that all is at unrest.
We've not a clue what the world coming to, just thank the Lord we're blessed.
Beloved, this very day you thought you'd never live to see
Is just the one God preordained and chose for you and me.
We're not called to shake our heads and utter "what a pity."
We're called as candles on a hill and towers in a city.
We can draw far more to Christ than tracts or fancy steeples.
We are proof in breathing flesh- God moves among his people!
Please understand, this race you run, is not just for a prize.
Grab young hands, courageous band, run for their very lives!
For us we must live for today, for them, live for tomorrow.
Redeem the time for many blind for there is none to borrow!
The prints of history's heroes will soon fade into dust
If there will be freash prints, my friend, it's up to us.
Foot prints that walk the talk that say's, "I'll go where you lead!"
Kneeprints that bridge the gap and make the hedge to intercede.
God, kick us off our cushioned seats, don't let us turn our heads!
Let's cease to hide behind the cross and carry it instead!
You beckon us, "My warriors, the time has come, ARISE!
Draw your swards, fight the fight, sound the battle cry."
"Where are my few who dare to say,' Come follow Him with me?
'Would you lay down your own dear life so that my Son they'll see?"
"Consider Child, carfully- am I quite worth the cost?
To surrender hearts to holiness andd count all gains but loss?"
"I call you from your comfort zone, dare you be one of few?
If you'll not leave freash prints, My child, then I must ask you, who?"
If you'll not lead the way, my child, then look around you, Who?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Hearts Desire

What is the core of a woman's heart? What are her desires? What did women long for as little girls? What do we still long for as women?

This is where we, as women have to look deep into our hearts. God has set within you a femininity that is powerful and tender, fierce and alluring. And for some reason we have been misunderstood.

When girls move into womanhood, the first response would sooner be humiliation than excitement. I had three older bothers to live up to. I had to either act like them, or serve them. My choice was obvious, I acted like them. So needless to say that when my womanhood popped up from behind the curtain, I was humiliated. My feelings and emotions stayed hidden deep down in my soul. Feeling as though they were wrong and I had to "suck it up." Feelings I still struggle with to this very day.

God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.Gen. 1:27

This is a piece of scripture that has always kept me on my toes. I've always been searching for answers. Wanting to know why God created me. Who I needed to be and why I was so messed up. I know I'm not alone in this roller coaster and that's why I've chosen to share, and enlighten you on God's truth.

...But for Adam, no suitable helper was found. So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man's ribs and closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. Gen. 2:20-22

Eve was the crescendo. Like a work of art. Creation being built up until the grand finally. "WOMEN." There is not a doubt in my mind that Eve was the crown of creation. The world was not complete until he made his beautiful masterpiece. There must be something significant that was missing that he had to place us into his creation.

Oh, and there was! His desires of his heart are the things he needed us to carry. That was the image God wanted us to bear. Our hearts were made in reflection of God's own heart.

So now you tell me. Is God the romantic type? Was he longing for the Israelites to love him? Does he long for us to pursue him? Is he full of love and kindness? Did he sacrifice everything for us?

Now you tell me what gets your heart pumping? I can assure you that there will be a resemblance.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is our new little member of the family.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What brings me joy???
I love to watch my plants (Babies) peek through the ground for the first time.

Clean up the yard from the mess the winter season left behind.
I love to start up the mower for the first time and usually mark it on my calender so I can compare it to the following year. After I've mowed my lawn, It usually takes a couple of day's and it becomes a beautiful gleaming green lawn.
I can finally bring out all my Adirondack chairs and enjoy the warmer evenings outside with my family.
The first bonfire with family or friends is something I like to mark down on the calender as well.
The deer's come out on to my yard to eat the left over acorns.
The rabbits coats turn back to their grayish brown color. Sometimes I even get the chance to see the new baby bunnies hoping around on my yard.
I love to watch the trees bud and eventually pop out their leaves.
The first thunderstorm always gives me goosebumps but brings a sign that spring is really here.

This is the most magical time for me. These birds have become my true joy through out the summer.
And for most of you readers, you already know how much I love them so I wont go on and on about them, but They are here! WOOOHOOO!!!

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