Thursday, April 15, 2010

Written by: Beth Moore

We're unindated with news that all is at unrest.
We've not a clue what the world coming to, just thank the Lord we're blessed.
Beloved, this very day you thought you'd never live to see
Is just the one God preordained and chose for you and me.
We're not called to shake our heads and utter "what a pity."
We're called as candles on a hill and towers in a city.
We can draw far more to Christ than tracts or fancy steeples.
We are proof in breathing flesh- God moves among his people!
Please understand, this race you run, is not just for a prize.
Grab young hands, courageous band, run for their very lives!
For us we must live for today, for them, live for tomorrow.
Redeem the time for many blind for there is none to borrow!
The prints of history's heroes will soon fade into dust
If there will be freash prints, my friend, it's up to us.
Foot prints that walk the talk that say's, "I'll go where you lead!"
Kneeprints that bridge the gap and make the hedge to intercede.
God, kick us off our cushioned seats, don't let us turn our heads!
Let's cease to hide behind the cross and carry it instead!
You beckon us, "My warriors, the time has come, ARISE!
Draw your swards, fight the fight, sound the battle cry."
"Where are my few who dare to say,' Come follow Him with me?
'Would you lay down your own dear life so that my Son they'll see?"
"Consider Child, carfully- am I quite worth the cost?
To surrender hearts to holiness andd count all gains but loss?"
"I call you from your comfort zone, dare you be one of few?
If you'll not leave freash prints, My child, then I must ask you, who?"
If you'll not lead the way, my child, then look around you, Who?