Monday, January 26, 2009

Team Spirit

Today was all about "Hockey Spirit" for the Mitchell Mohawks!
A bunch of the kids in Jadden's team got Mohawks, painted their hair blue for provincials and got into the team spirit with the football look.

Some of the parents got involved and styled their hair like mohawks and painted their faces.
Kinda hard to do with long hair but I did my best.

We had a blast and I'll have to say that my son's team had great looking fans.

My cool boy showing off his new "due"
Very Cool!!!!
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andrea said...

k that is the sweetest! you have just won the hockey mom of the year award! i have much to learn from you! great pictures! his team must've been pumped!

Louise said...

LOVE the hair on both of you!!
Jade looks so grown up :)