Friday, January 30, 2009

The Carillon

I made it into the local news paper with the stylish hair I had on the 26th. You can see picture's on my previous post.
My son was also in the paper with his mohawk.
We are just popular people around here. lol...
All you need to do is be a little crazy and stand out and you can get known by everyone.
Not that it's going to make a difference in my life, most of the people (including me) call the local paper the "Careless News."
Have a great weekend everyone!


andrea said...

oh, you are famous! too funny! and all for a great reason too!

Rose said...

Hey Sweet Candy! Is this how I need to call you now or should it be sugar babe! You're hair was too cool!!! Jadden must have been so proud of his Rockin Mama! It looks like you Guys had a blast, way to go!
Missing you and wishing you were near so we could chat face to face!
Love you!!!