Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm babbling...

When you've been gone for a week, it seems like it takes a life time to catch up. I've been home a week now and I have been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning around that clock. I have vacuumed, done laundry, washed wall's, washed floors, and shampooed carpet's and my house still feels like it's out of control. I clean one room and as soon as I turn around it's a mess. I'm not cleaning up after toddlers tho, it's two grown men, a ten year old boy, a dog and myself. You would think that they would have learnt how to clean up after them selves by now. Oh ya, do I mention that my DOG has had the flu all week??? Good thing I still have the carpet shampooer. "I'm sorry I mentioned that."
My goal was to have the house work done by Tuesday and spend the rest of the week on school work and my daily house hold duties. I guess I was dreaming. Or maybe I'm just too fussy. That could very well be.
As I chuckle to myself about this idiotic post I'm looking around and realizing that it will only take me and hour and my house will be the best it can be, the guy's really aren't that bad, and then I just have to think about getting groceries. That's actually not that bad for a Friday.
Now the question is, do I delete this whole post or do I share my jibber jabber with all of you? I know I'll look like a fool but I think I'll sacrifice my pride so you can all have a laugh.
I really think this helped, jabbering on and on about useless information, because I feel a whole lot better and I'm ready to tackle that last bit of house cleaning.
I wish you all a great weekend.


Louise said...

Oh girl I know how you feel, I still haven't caught up and don't see the end in site seeing I am leaving again in six days. Oh well lets just sit back and enjoy the weekend.
I love you SO much and it is because you are REAL....

andrea said...

isn't that real life! you are a woman after my own may think it's mundane, but seriously, you are blessing your family and home! and that is so precious!

Wanda said...

I enjoyed your jabbering.... it was fun!!