Monday, January 5, 2009

Small house, Big heart!

I have had a big problem with hosting parties during the winter months because I wanted my house to be perfect and I wanted to go way out of my way to make everyone's stay great. That's not a reality to make it perfect in a 850sqft. living space. But I've noticed that it's cozy and people always make themselves at home.
I have had a great holiday season having guests over at my house much more than I usually do and I notice that I have a lot more great memories from me getting over myself. And as far as I know, my guest's have enjoyed their visit every time. So yes, I've been cheating myself!!! I used to count down the winter months because we have a great big yard to visit with friends through the summer months, but I don't think that I'll have to keep counting. No matter how big, small, stylish or cluttered, I can always make room for my friends. (((Cheesy...)))
Man it's great when I learn something new!


andrea said...

i have felt the same way. i had this idea if my house was bigger, it would be perfect. but i have been to some bigger house and I just don't feel 'at home'. it's totally the company you are with! that's what makes hosting comfortable! Loving the ones you are with is everything!

Louise said...

I love coming over to your place :)
It's the people that draw you in not the place, that is why some of the most gorgeous places aren't comfortable, your place is!!