Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Fun

Who needs the NHL when you can bring the ice home to you?

This is the project my husband has been working on for two weeks. We can wait to get out our skates for our first skate. He's been working on this rink every night into the wee hours of the night and it looks like we will be able to put it into use very soon.

This is ice brings back a lot of memories for me. The house we own is the house I grew up in and this is the first year that we can bring a part of my dad back onto this yard.
When I was young, my dad and uncle made an ice rink for us every winter. It was something we looked forward to every year, because we knew that people would start showing up and it ended up being a party every night. You know the saying, "If you build it, they will come." Well thats what happened with my dad's ice.
They built beautiful boards, 4 feet all around. Complete with lighting and was built to the full size of a professional ice rink. They had a big heating shack built with a wood stove inside. It was the ultimate haven for our family. So great that we would have sleep-overs in that shack.
The ice my husband is building, as I speak, is built in the exact same spot that my day had his ice. You can see the light's in the pictures above, the electrical cord that we used is the same one my dad used. We found it over grown and stuck in weeds when we started cleaning up the plot for the rink. You have to remember that this was from a long time ago. At least 20 years!
The heating shack is still there but we can't use it, seeing it's rotting away and we didn't build the rink nearly as big or fancy. But it means that world to me. It's a dream come true and a great place for our family to enjoy evening and weekends.
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Louise said...

You guys ROCK!
Can't wait to come skating and make a fool of myself, remember what happened the last time I tried to stop, you better have strong trees....LOL!

Lena said...

That looks like so much fun! I always wished I had that as a kid :)

andrea said...

how fun! how special! our neighbours have much the same rink...many memories and so much laughter and fun...especially when I lose my balance! your son must be so thrilled!