Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I finally had a chance to sneak outside and get the front entrance decorated.
My husband and my father-in-law were such sweet hearts and built me a pergola this summer.

This was one big thing I was looking forward to.
A fresh garland to hang along the pergola for Christmas.
It feels so cozy and it adds a perfect touch to our country yard.

I made all my decorations out of ceder, pine branches. This is something I love to do, but it takes a lot of time.
I started the first weekend of December and I only finished now.

And of course, my dog, Cleo had to help too. She was my guard dog for all those "man eating squirrels."
(Have you heard of them, we have them all over our yard.)
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andrea said...

very lovely! beautiful wreathe and stunning pergola! oh, Christmas is so beautiful!

Louise said...

Looks beautiful!!
HUGS miss you!!

Brenda said...

Looks great Candy!