Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cuba, here we come!!!

I can't believe that we are going again!!!
This picture is of us in Cuba a year ago. We were only dreaming to think that we would possibly have the chance to go again. We are going with the same couple (Shel's Sister and Bro-in-law), but we are bringing our children along. I know that this will be life changing for all of us, especially our kids.
We want to go out there with toys and much more to give to the people. These people have so little and I think it will be great for Jadden to experience this and give to the people and children in need.
So early January, we are off!!!
The picture below is the expression we got from Jadden when he found out.
So cute!

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Louise said...

I am SOOO excited that we are all going together! We are going to have such a blast!!!!

HUGS & LOVE sis!

andrea said...

i'm so excited for you! it'll be such an amazing experience. I love how you adore your family so such. beautiful!

Wanda said...

How fun..... I'm excited for all of you!!!!

Rose said...

Oh you lucky ducks! That will be so awesome for Jadden and just for your family bonding. I guess I'll be waddling away like a duck with my beach ball, you go and wear a Bikini for me and tell me what's it's like, it's been so long...Anyway love you and miss you and see you tomorrow at Louise's party.