Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 is finished but wont be forgotten!

Another year past but there so much that will last for years to come. I'll share two of them with you, because they mean the world to me.
#1. Memories:
- Sheldon and I travel out to Cuba for the first time in January. It was an amazing experience for the both of us. There was so much we had never seen that it we felt it was important to bring our son out there to see. We will be leaving shortly after the new year.
- The three of us took a trip out to Minneapolis for our birthday celebrations and we got to watch two NHL games. (Something we don't have in this area.)
- Jadden got straight A's in his last report card for grade 4.
- Jadden and I made our first garden and found great success out of it.
- We got to share a week of camping with Sheldon's family.
- We booked a cabin for a week and were able to share it with many friends through out our stay.
- Sheldon is coaching the local Junior hockey team instead of Jadden's team. It's been a great learning experience for the both of them.
- Jadden has improved so much in hockey and became the captain of his team.
- I started a course "The International School of Ministry"
- We've had so many days and evenings that we'll remember that were spent with our friends and family hear in our home.

#2. Spiritual Growth:
- My relationship with God has been strengthened and has been built on a firm rock. I have been through a lot and I have pushed myself to see God in the light He wants to be seen in. He has spoken to me in ways I can't explain and He has given me a foundation that I can now find independence and strength from.
-God has shown Himself to my husband and given him a new light to walk with. My husband has become the spiritual leader in our home and his faith and growth surprises me daily.
- My son is pushing his way through the confusing stage of getting older. (yes I know that could speak for everyone) He is slowly growing from a child into a man. With help from God, he has found confidence in the fact that he can be himself because of God's plan for his life. He understands that the decisions he makes for his life can come with consequences (not just from mom and dad) and he's constantly goes to God for new strength and understanding. I'm so proud of him and his choices.
What are some of your great memories from 2008?


andrea said...

God is simply amazing! I am teary eyed just reading how God has walked with you and your family! Beautiful! We have so much to be thankful for!

Louise said...

That is a AWESOME list Candy!
2008 was a great year, looking forward to many wonderful memories in 2009!!

Wanda said...

What a awesome list to share for 2008! I have enjoyed your post, your life and insights, and look forward to more in 2009