Monday, December 8, 2008

Whats little and whats BIG?

I was so hurt this last weekend. It wasn't because of some huge conflict that I had with a friend or an unexpected accident. It was the feeling of disrespect.
A person overstepping their boundaries after I has asked them not to. (Sounds like our kids, doesn't it?)
I talked about this with a close friend yesterday and I was shocked to see that he/she didn't understand where I was coming from and I couldn't understand where their thought pattern was going either.
This person was looking at how small these issues where and I was looking at the big impact these small issues were causing in my life.

The story of Adam and Eve struck me like a brick wall!
If you would only look at them eating the apple, you would look at that as a small thing. Wouldn't you? Just eating an apple is not all that big. We over look the "small" part of this story because we know the ending, It's "BIG" and we are living in a sinful world because of it.
How often do we look at what we are doing and justify it as something small. "There's no way that it could cause grief." But to the receiver, it does.
How often do we sneak around a person because we think they won't find out? How do you think that person would feel if they knew?
This situation has given me an opportunity to look at my life pattern, and I encourage you to take a look for yourself. Not just for yourself, but for the people around you.
Are we spending each moment out of our day seeking God and trying to please Him? Are we listening to what we are saying to others? Is it filled with gossip or deceit? Is it a loving conversation that wont hurt a person and will it show everyone you know respect?
It's not only what comes out of our mouths, lets take a closer look at our actions too.
I'm not saying this to fill anyone with shame.
I have seen myself do this a million times. But this weekend was the weekend that God showed me what it felt like to be the receiver. I promise all of you that it doesn't feel good, not even a "little."


andrea said...

Amen! i really appreciate this. sometimes i wonder if this is how others ever think. I try and fail often but i seem to realize it soon after and acknowledge it. i have also experienced much pain because of it...and i know first hand that it feels horrible..."A LOT"! great post. thanks for such a thoughtful reminder and I'm sorry that you were hurt.

Rose said...

HI Girl, I'm sorry that you were hurt too. I really appreciated this post as well, and I know we are all guilty of this sometimes like you said with Adam and Eve but thanks for seeing the bigger picture and reminding us we are to please God not ourselves. Thanks and love you and miss you! I'd give you a big hug if I were near, you mean a lot to me.