Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Better Person

What urges you to be a better person?

  • When you take a day and spend it with the one's closest to you.
  • When you have a deep conversation with a friend.
  • When you hear a message in church that relates to your thought life.
  • When you lost your patients with your child.
  • When your well on your way to reaching your goal.
  • When you meet your child "finally" in their territory, so they understand you.

This has all happened to me in the last 36 hours. Incredible! Don't you think? I'm rejoicing in the Lord. I have seen Him move in my life and show me incredible things through these very points. I have spent many moments in tears, just being captivated by His power and plan. He is speaking to me and showing me where I need to be.

And most of all, He is telling me to slow down. Open my eye's and see what He has put in front of me. When I have listened, I have been blessed beyond measures.

This is what makes me want to be a better person.

I had to share this with you today, because I'm almost crawling out of my skin in complete happiness.


andrea said...

now how cool is that! I love when God shows us and we are at that point that we can listen to His voice! What an amazing experience...to feel God's joy and take the time to realize that He has brought you to this point! Rejoicing with you!

Wanda said...

Candy this is such an inspiring post. I love hearing his voice and pointing out things in my life to make me a better person. Many times he uses someone else...like you.

Thanks for sharing your life and journey.

LOL:) Wanda

Rose said...

Hey Girl, I've been waiting for a post but knew you would post one when you felt God speaking to you and working in you and here it is, so amazing...I'll keep on praying and like Wanda said thanks for sharing your life and journey it means a lot! Love you and miss you beautiful Girl!