Friday, November 7, 2008

Ready for the BIG DAY!

My son has his first big moment of being a Best Man! Junior Best man, that is.

Brent (Grooms Man), Jadden (Junior Best Man) and Elmer (Groom)

Check him out! Mama is so proud!
It was very hard for me to release him out onto the bad roads. We had our first snow fall this night and the roads are covered with slush and ice seeing we had rain before the snow began.
They are traveling and hour away for pictures, so I'm praying for safety as I speak.

Elmer and Wanda (read the cake)
Last week of freedom
(Fredom lol)
This is the lovely couple who is going to tie the knot tonight. I can't wait!

I'll have many pictures to share with you tomorrow.
I wish you all a Blessed day and safety for anyone who has to face the bad roads.
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andrea said...

your son looks so adorable! it'll be such a great day...i'd love to have another wedding(to the same clarify)...hmmm, on second thought perhaps a fun party would suffice! enjoy the day!

Jolene said...

Jadden is sooooo handsome in his tux. You have ever right to be a handsome mama. I can't believe how grown up he looks!!!

Louise said...

Oh my goodness he looks SOOOO handsome!!
Love that BOY!!
and you of course too ;)

Wanda said...

Oh how darling...I love to see young men dressed up like older ones.

The cake looks so good, and wow, another "Wanda".

Handsome couple.

Rose said...

Oh he is so handsome and I missed the chance to see him in person, man that weather!!!!I hope you had a great evening without us(I'm sure you did)we would have loved to be there to share in this special day.
Love you and miss you!