Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Personality (Part 2)

This is the next step of my Personality post....

For thoughs of you who haven't seen my last post on personalities, I encourage you to take a look at it before your read any further.

Four basic styles
produce 16 combinations
We can be combinations of each of the four styles and most
people are a blend of two styles


Driver Director
-new opportunities

Driver Promoter
-dominance & independence

Driver Administrator
-direct tasks

Driver Supporter
-bigger & better


Promoter Driver
-Influencing people

-social approval

Promoter Administrator

-win with flair

Promoter Supporter


Administrator Driver
-personal accomplishment

Administrator Promoter

-accomplishing goals
with excellence

-desire to be correct

Administrator Supporter

-predicable results


Supporter Driver
-steady flow of more

Supporter Promoter
-approval from helping others

Supporter Administrator
-specialist to specialise


-personal stability

Seeing some of you found out your personality last time, I figured we could go the extra step and see if we have any combo's of personalities...
I am still just a plain old Supporter! not that that's a bad thing. I have to say that it suits me well.
Did you stay the same or did your personality


andrea said...

i am a supporter too and I think somewhat of a supporter promoter! reading all these different characteristic(if that's what they are called), i could tell as i read them who I know is what...we are open books! yikes!

Wanda said...

I'm a promoter, and Supporter... Interesting combination...but that's where I fit in...!

Very interesting look.... I've had them in a different format...but this one is good.