Monday, October 6, 2008


I was talking with my sister-in-law this morning and was informed on the exact personality is was according a shape. Yes, A shape!
Being so very interested in this, I took a look through google to see if I could give you the same info. I didn't find the exact one, No shapes, but I always think that theres something to say about your own personality. You can find out a lot about the person you are and the person God entitled you to be when you become conscious of your life and the personality you were Blessed with. Take a look at what I found and I urge you to take it to heart. I'm sure you will see your purpose more clearly as soon as you find your personality. I did... For thoughs of you who want to know, I am a Supporter!

 Do it now, can do attitude
 Goal oriented & a self starter
 Assertive & Competitive
 Results oriented
 Task & information focused
 Decisive & want control
 Fast paced often impatient
 Prepared to take risks
 Problem solvers

 Want to be noticed
 People oriented
 Direct & open
 Animated & emotional
 Creative, enthusiastic leaders
 Lots of ideas, bubbly, outgoing
 Fast paced & spontaneous
 Prefer working with others
 Excellent persuasive skills

 Want to get along
 People oriented team players
 Help others & solve conflicts
 Relaxed & friendly
 Slower paced
 Cautious, risk averse
 Enjoy harmony & trust
 Patient & cooperative
 Dependable & predictable
 Avoid conflict & good listeners

 Want to get it right
 Accurate & meticulous
 Logical task & information focused
 Detail oriented & precise
 Slower paced, quality not quantity
 Cautious & risk averse
 Problem solvers
 Structured and orderly
 Dependable & predictable
 Set high standards

There is so much more to add to this, but I'll leave it at this for now. There might be a follow up with more info tomorrow.

What personality are you??? I would love to know!

God Bless


andrea said...

these always scare me...never quite know where i'm heading. I'm a supporter with a slight admin background. Actually i think it's so neat how God made us so unique and how each personality can help the Kingdom in their own way

candypb said...

I actually have another part to it that I'm leaving for tomorow. You will be able to tell how very unique God really has made you.

Joanne said...

So, I think that I am a promoter...people, people and more people. I love to meet them, talk to them, laugh and cry with them. I am that person who will walk up to ANYONE and strike up a conversation. It drives my husband batty.

Jolene said...

This is tough. I think I have different "personalities" for different life situations. I have a "Work Joe", a "Home Joe", and so on. But out of the personalities you have listed a think I am a combination of Administrator and Driver.