Monday, July 16, 2007


So this is the other half of me. My love and best friend.
He has helped find who the true me is. Through many frustrating moments (i'm sure). He holds me when I cry, he prays with me when I'm afraid and he makes me laugh like crazy. I'm so thankful that God has given me Sheldon. He is the bestest friend I could ever have. Only he can stand me every day. LOL...

If you read my comments form my last post, you will understand this next comment. It's amazing what you can do with cameras now- these-days!

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Louise said...

My brother....I love that dude!!! He has the most beautiful eyes!! Is he having madachschlop or what?? silly guy
Love the pic of you two together!!
Love you both!!
Love the sweatshirts!! I'll 'grow' into the pants yet...LOL and I'll get the haircut to show off my chubby cheeks!! LOL

Sheldon said...

That wasn't gel in my hair and no I didn't just have madachschlop, I had just came home from Paintball practice and my hair was FULL of paint. Thanks for the post love, I love you too with everything I've got, and your the only one that could stand me too! Sweet deal that means we're good for each other right?

candypb said...

Yes Babe, You are the only one that I can put up with. LOL... I love you so much. I love the fact that you are looking at my blog and taking part of my life here in this world. (my thoughts) Most men mock it. I love it that you sopport me in eveything I do. Thanks.

Sheldon said...

well when my naked pictures are posted on a blog, I've got to make sure all is Love you babe and hope you have a great day.