Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Green Featherd Buzzer

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting outside enjoying the shade when out of the blue, a humming bird came to visit my garden. It's not all that often that I get the chance to share my garden with such an unusual bird. What a beautiful bird, Sheldon and I couldn't believe our eye's. In the six years that we've lived here, I've only seen a humming bird three time's. So I freaked out, and tried to get my camera out of the car that I could get a picture. I have to tell you, only thinking about that picture wasted enough time that that little bird could leave without his photo being taken. LOL... That little guy buzzed from blossom to blossom feeding off of the flowers and was gone in the blink of an eye.
So I don't have picture to share with you, but I'm on the lookout, and I will get that picture. I'll just have to work around the yard holding a camera in my hand. hehehe...

But Sheldon and I did get the chance to admire the little bird. Though's green feathers are truly amazing.

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mental mosaic said...

Aren't hummingbirds amazing? Have you ever seen the males do nosedives to impress the ladies? They are such acrobats. I found a hummingbird nest once after a windstorm. It was tiny! Very precious. And yet those little birds are strong enough to migrate such long distances... I hope you can get a photo next time! (Maybe you should put up a feeder!)