Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Congratulations to my sweet hubby who won first place in his division at the Paintball tournament this weekend.
I know he did most of this for me. It's my passion to go out and watch Sheldon play. He had decided to skip all the paintball tournaments this summer even though he loves being out there, and he was only going to work on the paintball field. I was so angry with him that I told him to sell the paintball field if that was his only plan.
Sheldon is a great paintball player and I didn't want to see him through it all away. It seems that any thing that guy does, he becomes a pro at, it or he gives up. He's a perfectionist!!!
I love you Babe, and I hope I'll see you out there Kicking some "bum" soon again.Posted by Picasa


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