Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Sanctuary


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After spending much time and effort on my yard, I have made myself a place where I can rest, relax and share a cup of coffee with a bunch of friends. I have made myself and outdoor room, giving me a chance to listen to the birds as I do my devotions in the morning. I have given my friends and myself a place to hide in the shade on though's hot afternoons.(Jo is against my shade)And we always wander that direction when Sheldon and I have finished the day and take our chance to relax and have ourselves a good long chat before we head off to bed.
To bad for Sheldon... This has given me inspiration to do much more on my yard.
And I want to thank my Bro Mike, who planed this area out for me and my family. He has to much talent... If you ever want a place that you can enjoy outside on your yard, let me know and I'll send Mike over. He has the schooling and the imagination to create just about anything.
Cheers to you all...
Come by for a cup of Joe any time.


Louise said...

I LOVE that spot!! I can't wait to come for a cup of Joe sometime real soon....what are you up to this week Thursday morning??? let me know, maybe me and the kids can come for coffee!well coffee for me and Jadden for the kids..heehee

Wanda said...

Hi, Louise introduced me to you!! Everyone needs a spot...I have one inside, and one outside. You're looks lovely...wish I could join you and Louise for coffee...I'll bring the cookies!

candypb said...

Welcome to my site. I'm sure you've seen me in your site already. It look's like you have a lot to be thankful for, even though your life seem's to be pretty busy.
I'd love to have you over for a cup of Joe... We would have a hoot. If you haven't figured me and Louise out yet... We love to laugh. It would be great to have another friend in crime.

Jolene said...

Bestest place to hang out...even though it can be a little "shady." He he he. It is definitely a little sanctuary. If I can't be sun bathing by my pool I like sitting 'round the stone table. You have done a great job!