Thursday, September 25, 2008

Married 9 years

I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine
Song of Solomon 6:3

God has designed this plan of marriage and it works perfectly!
Marriage works perfectly???? I know many of us ask that question at times.
Sheldon and I have been through both rough and amazing times through out our marriage. But I have noticed that all the rough times have performed some kind of a Blessing or Miracle in our lives. With as stubborn as we both are, we have prolonged many sufferings in our lives "because we can always do it ourselves."
I know it sounds pretty bad that I'm focusing on this subject on the day of our anniversary, but when I'm looking back on our last 9 years together I look at everything that we have conquered. As we have grown closer together with God, we have found easier ways of getting past difficult times. We are building not only a foundation for our marriage, but we are building a foundation for our son. It's always such a comfort for a child to be in a safe home. And it's always great to have that kind of an influence of a strong marriage.

My husband who loves me dearly, has helped me grow, given me hope and confidence. He is a protector and supplier, a father and a husband I could have only dreamt of as a child. I thank God every day for this man, my marriage and strength to support my family and be a leader with Sheldon in my home.
In this last year, we have found out that we need our daily time together just to talk, and talk about things that can be left behind in our busy lifestyles. We have found this has given us a lot of foundation for our marriage. There are times when we need to stand together and fight, and there are times when we can celebrate. "I'm telling you, it never boring around here."
I found a list of 12 tips for a marriage on "Christian Marriages Encouragement."

1) Keep God First!
2) Pray Together!
3) Respect and honor each other!
4) Encourage each other to grow together!
5) Read the Bible together as much as possible!
6) Be swift to hear and slow to speak!
7) Make time to communicate with each other!
8) Protect and honor your marriage vows!
9) Do not let others come between your marriage!
10) Have a "Mission Statement" for your marriage and family!
11) Thank God every day for your mate and the life you have together!
12) Understand that love is a choice, not a feeling!

My goal is to do this every day. My husband only deserves it.

"Therefore what God has joined together,
let no man separate."
Mark 10:9
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andrea said...

hooray for you two! what an awesome achievement and an amazing blessing God has so graciously given you! i love those 12 tips...great guide and great advice....
have a great day celebrating!

Louise said...

awesome post!
I love you guys SOOOO much you both light up the world around you! I am so blessed to have you in my family!
Love you much!
Great advice for all marriages!

Rose said...

That was definitely an awesome post, and such a blessing to know you and love you!
That is such meaningful advice and so true, I love the sentence at the end about your husband deserving it, and the Bible verses at the beginning and end, the words are so beautiful and so meaningful but like I've said already a few times so true!!!
Love you Guys and wish you many more healthy, happy, crazy years together!

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify something here...I'm dancing with Candy in the picture and of course singing