Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"Partying already"
Birthday Dad.
my teens, my mom always told me about how my dad insisted that I wear frilly dresses and had to have pretty hair. I was the youngest out of four kids and the only girl so my daddy wanted me to have it all.
I was his little princess.
Princess in rubber boots, that is...
I never believed my mom, seeing my dad had always been so busy working on the farm. If I ever wanted to see him, I would have to ride along with him on a tractor, grain truck or combine. Most of the time it was spent in silence. I would follow my dad around all day if I could and just loved it if he didn't send me home too early. He worked long hours and my memories only show him asleep when he was at home.
Now as I have grown up and have my own family, I can see all that I couldn't see then.
The very manly man the I looked up to with great respect as a child has become my cuddly bear of a father. His very calm wordless expression has erupted with giggles and joy. His work ethic now stops when he enters our home and we have built a bond that no one can separate. His relationship with God is now seen, and his pride in his children and grandchildren is spoken regularly.
This is the man he was many years ago, but he was working hard to supply for his family. Now he's able to slow down and enjoy his family. The stress of making enough money for food, clothing and recreational events for his family don't need to be his concern any longer.
The Stress Is Gone...
I am so thankful for all this man has done for me. I am so thankful that you can see the joy, pride and peace in his eye's. This man has Blessed me 100 times over. This man has loved me no matter what I've done wrong. This man holds a peace of my heart in his hands.
Happy Birthday Dad.
I love you with all my heart and pray Blessing into your life for all you have done.
Thank you
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Wanda said...

What a wonderful tribute and picture....

I so miss my Dad...it's been 40 years now...He died way too young.

Please wish your Dad a Wonderful Birthday, and lots of cake and ice cream.


Louise said...

I heart your dad!! He is so wonderful, we always have a great time joking around, you are blessed to have an awesome dad!!

WhoooWhooo Whooo Whooo (hands flapping in the air) -this one is for you Wayne!! Happy Happy birthday!

andrea said...

you have been so blessed! have fun celebrating this amazing birthday with your dad!

andrea said...

you have been so blessed! have fun celebrating this amazing birthday with your dad!

Rose said...

Oh Candy, now I'm the one crying....Your Dad's awesome, I've always liked his quiet nature yet his funny sense of humor. He really reminds me of my Dad who has been gone for 7 years already so hard to believe. I think you are so blessed to have him and that you see now what you didn't see as a child is such a blessing. I know I have often thought in these last years what my Dad all did for us but never really realized until it was too late. So love him and keep appreciating him the way you do because sometimes life gets cut too short and then we have to wait until heaven to see them again. I don't wish my Dad back the way he was, as sick as he was but I sure do miss him and wonder what life would have been like for our boys had they gotten to know Grandpa a little. I know the heartache of losing him would be great so i know it will be wonderful for them when they do get to meet him in heaven someday and I'll so look forward to that day as well!
Love you and miss you already!