Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Little up date

Well I'm off on the field again. Being the little good farmer girl I am. lol...
I actually can't wait. (please remind me that I said this when I complain in a couple of day's) It's been a long break for me and my truck has been in the shop, so I think it will be better driving this time around.
My cabinets will be put on hold for a while, but staining and varnishing is done and most are hanging again. I just need to finish all the last touches. I can't wait until their done.
I wish everyone a great week and weekend.

Oh ya, Did anyone hear that it's hockey season again. Woohoo!!!!
My favorite. My son has been on the ice for two weeks already. Can you believe it? He started in August. Anyways, thats whats going on.
Wish you all a great day.


Sheldonm aka your luva said...

Hey love just reminding you that you are excited to go back on the truck. I love you so much, now hopfully when I come with it won't be so hot and dusty that I can keep the window closed when filling the truck not to have all the silage fall on my lap. If anyone reading this enjoy's rollercoasters and doesn't mind getting dirty, go with Candy on the truck...she's a mainiac

andrea said...

well, it sounds like your greatest fan gave you a great word! yeah, it's cooler outside!
happy farming! i can't wait to see your kitchen!

candypb said...

"My Fan" Is a funny guy... I never knew that the word "mainiac" was a compliment. lol
I'll take what I can get, if you know what I mean!

andrea said...

well, i think i was referring to his name and all the sweetness he was pouring on you!!! guys are sure funny! when you least expect it, they surprise us, don't they!

Rose said...

Hi Girl, You go girl and get all dirty and have fun! I would love to see how dirty and crazy it could get maybe next year!
I'm excited to see your cupboards, hopefully we can come out soon.
That Sheldon always such a fun Guy, you are loved, I'm so thankful for you Girl! Have fun on the field!

Jolene said...

Can't wait to see those cupboards...but since you are on the field I guess I will have to wait. Let me know if you get lonely...I will brave the bumpy ride and sit with you. At least this year there is no worry of me giving birth in the truck. :)

Wanda said...

Oh I haven't been around for a while and I missed some good posts.

So you are one of those Hockey Moms.... I love it.

I hope to get back on a routine next week....these last couple of weeks Life has just got in my way.

Love and Hugs

Joanne said...


Thank you for your sweet comment over at Faith Lifts today.

I enjoyed my stop over. I can't wait to see your kitchen cabinets. That is something that I need to do too!

Blessings, Joanne