Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer is well on it's way.
Jadden and I planted our first veggie garden. It was a lot of work but both of us agreed that it was worth it. We have been able to watch our plants grow and mature. We can see our strawberries ripen and our corn grow by leaps and bounds every day.
We had our anual July long camp out this past weekend with Sheldon's family. There were so many new highlights. I would say that one of the biggest was the outdoor theater we created,"So Cool" and my father-in-law brought out his tractor and hayrack and took us for rides all over the country side. We ended off our family weekend with a great display of fire works on the 1st of July.
It's starting out to be a great summer.
"I would just like it if the rain would stop that I could enjoy the outdoor's instead of sitting inside."

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Louise said...

It was a blast!
A great memory maker!
Love you bunches, love the pic of Ez and Colbie!!

Rosie said...

I second that! Love you and miss you Guys!!