Friday, July 18, 2008

I was asked what I do with all my strawberries, so I thought it was a great excuse to continue with a strawberry theme.
I just made a bunch of freezer jam. So easy and tastes great. I figured I leave the recipe:

Strawberry Freezer Jam
2 quarts (8cups) Strawberries
5 cups sugar
1 lemon, juiced
Directions: Stir ingredients together in a large pot and bring to a rolling boil. Let cool and pour into pint jars or plastic containers. Store in freezer.

And then low and behold. Our family favorite...
Strawberry milkshakes.
I combine fresh strawberries, mango-pineapple juice, ice cream and whipping cream together in a blender and serve. I have found that the whipping cream makes a very creamy drink. We love it.

The rest of my strawberries get washed and put into the freezer for future milkshakes and it's great with ice cream. I might make a few dessert's before I put them all into the freezer. Any one have any ideas for a great strawberry dessert?
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andrea said...

wow! both the jam and the milkshakes sound really good and family friendly. yum!i think i'll try the jam...
hey, i made a strawberry cheesecake trifle last month for a tupperware party I helped at...i tend to go for the cream cheese recipes...i quite enjoyed it!

candypb said...

I have to say that anything with strawberries and cheesecake's has to be good. I love love love cheesecakes.

Wanda said...

The only thing you didn't add was your address so I could come on over for a milkshake...(just kidding)

What a delightful and delicious post... I didn't know freezer jam was so easy...

Thanks for leaving the recipe.

Louise said...

Mmmmmm YUM I am so coming over for one of those shakes!!!

My favorite strawberry dessert is angel food cake with straweberries and whip cream OR strawberry pie...I guess that is TWO!