Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's In My Tree?

I woke up extra early today (5:00). Yes I know that sounds ridicules, but I wanted to make Sheldon coffee before he went to work. So after he left, I thought I would take this opportunity to sit out on my patio and find God before I started my day. But before I went out I grabbed my camera thinking I just might get that picture of one of my humming birds that come to visit through out the day. I have wanted a picture of one of these bird for years and I just haven't had my camera handy when they would show up. "I actually work and I don't just sit around waiting for a bird to show up" lol...
So today I sat and admired all the work I did the day before and started moving plants around "in my mind" and out of nowhere this loud racket comes from the tops of one of my trees. I had this bad feeling that it was a bear, seeing people have seen bears in the area but I had never seen a bear and wasn't planning to see one today at my home. Then this sound started like one from the jungle and branches came falling down to the ground. I grabbed my camera and searched for this THING and behold.... I saw this woodpecker. It wasn't the usual small woodpecker that finds bugs in my trees. It was at least a foot tall if not larger and was boring holes into the top of my tree.
Once the bird flew away I came inside to see what this thing was. To my surprise, it's called a Pileated Woodpecker. This was the model bird for Woody Woodpecker. "So cool" And the only North American birds of similar plumage and size are the Ivory-billed Woodpecker of Southeastern US and !!CUBA !!, and the imperial Woodpecker of Mexico. Both are extremely rare, if not extinct.
So now I get to relish in my sanctuary again. According to my Father-in-law, I have the beauty of South America on my yard. For myself, I have my beautiful gardens I can work in and my "humming birds" flying around my head, and now I have this Woodpecker that laughs out these amazing calls and gives me a taste of Cuba.
Talk about getting close to God. He has made that most beautiful creatures with amazing song and colors only for our enjoyment. I feel so blessed to be able to take the time to sit in this beauty.
Now I want to get out there and find these nests. I read that they bore these huge rectangular holes into dead tree's. I know there have to be some in the bush surrounding our yard, because I can still hear that woodpecker laughing. I can't wipe the smile off my face, it's such a neat sound.
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Louise said...

That is SOOO cool!
We are so coming for a campout again!!
Love you much!

andrea said...

First things first...I just love that you woke up that early for your hubby, that is so cool!
and about the woodpecker....very neat. Got to love God's creation. Going for walks in the early morning hours, makes my heart just fall more in love with Him as I see things I just don't see in the daily rush of life...great perspective...
btw, great to meet you too!