Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love the summer months when I can work outside in my gardens and reflect on the beauty that God has created.
I not only get to see the flowers that are blooming through out the year, but I can see the birds that are taking advantage of my garden. My favorite bird has to be the humming bird. There's no better name for this bird either. I can hear that hum coming from a far off distance. I can't help but pause when it enters my garden either. I love to see it's shimmery green feathers and buzzing wings.
Talking about buzzing... I have enough of thoughs around too. Me bee's have become a soul owner of my garden. Which I don't mind anymore. I never knew why God created such annoying creatures, but sting doesn't hurt near as bad once you see how much work a bee does in your garden. I'm so amazed at their pollinating. They bring so much beauty to my gardens.
But I have to get back to my watering, I just transplanted a bunch of plants and they need some tender loving care. I don't want them to die.
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Louise said...

Love you chicka!!

Rosie said...

I have wondered the same of Bees.... since I've been allergic in the past, and now hopefully after my last bite I didn't have a terrible reaction so maybe I'm past the fear and I can truly appreciate what they do to make our flowers so beautiful!!!
Love you Girl!