Thursday, August 23, 2007

What a week

An update for you...
We took off last night to pick up Jadden from camp. He was having a hard time, and letting a lot of the kids down. So we figured we would get Jadden out of their hair that the kids could enjoy the rest of the week.
Well, On our way there, after giving it much thought we figured we'd try to talk and pray with him and maybe it would be alright. Didn't happen... so seeing he had the trouble at Hockey and not the actual Bible camp, we figured we would come for hockey the next day, just to shorten his week. It was at nine o'clock, so e could go home and get our work done after that. We spent the night at Sheldons Brother and sister-in-laws house half and hour from camp) and headed off to hockey for nine o'clock this morning. When we got there, the schedule said that his hockey started at three forty five... Sooooo
What do we do now... We told Jade we would be there, so we can't go back on our promise. We headed off to Winkler for breakfast and shopping at wal-mart. That only took up three hours... So we bummed the day away.
Finally when we got to watch Jadden play hockey. It was great... He had a good attitude and was playing really hard. We thought that we had finally done the right thing.
Not really...
By the time Jadden was half way through his last session, he brook down. He realized that he would have to go through another night with out us. NO WAY was he going to give up on us now, we had spent a whole day away from work just to get him through camp. WHAT DO WE DO?......
So I put my foot down. There was no way he was coming home now. We talked and talked and wiped his tears. We told him it would be alright and we sent him on his way. He did leave fighting tears, but he new it was time to be strong and have a good time. We got smiles and big hugs, and I can hardly wait to get him home tomorrow.
So our week of being alone and making the best of it didn't happen the way we had planed. We went through a lot of heart ache and I'm hoping he wont want to got to camp next year. I can't take a whole week off just to go pity my poor baby. was I sad, Yes I cried like a baby. But it comes to a point when you have to put your foot down and show your child is boss. I can hardly wait to get this week over with. I'm tired and I want to go to bed, but I have to milk my cows.

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