Thursday, August 2, 2007

Gods been speaking again

Some day's I can't fathom all the beauty that God has created. This sun set put me into a speechless aw as we where driving down the high way.
Looking at this sunset helps me remember how much God Love's me for the person I am. He loves my hair, my WEIGHT, he loves me when I'm tired and not looking so great, and when I've done something against his will. He loves me this much because he created me, just like this sunset. How could I hate something that I have created. When I look at my son a realize how much my God loves me.
Isn't it amazing how God can us an ordinary time like driving down a high way to speak to us?
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Rose said...

I love to read all about your life Candy, especially the beautiful parts and of course the hillarious parts. My Dad was a bit crazy like that and I miss him so much sometimes it hurts. You are so blessed to still have yours and have fun with him, keep having crazy fun you will never regret it, you're making great memories to think back on. Love you!

Louise said...

Well said Candy!!
He loves us so much we can't much He has for us is SO beautiful!
Love you
miss you!!

Erin said...

so beautiful! Very good reminder...

Tara said...

What an amazing picture!