Monday, August 20, 2007

A week alone

Well the dreaded day of taking Jadden to camp has passed. Now all I have to do is try to keep myself busy that I don't think of him to much. I know he's having a blast, so that's whats helping me get through today. He was pumped to be at camp. This was his first time, can you tell. LOL...
Sheldon and I have decided to take this chance to spend quality time together. We've never spent a whole week alone. I'm excited to see what the week brings. We feel like newlyweds... We really don't know what that feels like, seeing Jadden was a year old when we got married. I'm almost nervous. It could go really
No, I think that this week will be life altering for all of us.
I can hardly wait to get the show on the road.
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Crystal said...

I hope you two have a blast:) Try not to think about it to much. My eldest (8) went to camp for the first time this year and dropping her off at the bus felt like I was abandoning her:( But, I kept busy and the week flew by - she had a blast as well.

My mom had 8 of us, and we all went to camp. She said no matter how many you have and how often they go - it never gets easier letting them get on that bus. You just have to trust God and let go. Man - if it was only as easy as it sounds.

Rose said...

I have not gone through the experience yet but I feel for you Candy, I'm having a bit of a hard time letting go of Malachi going to kindergarten. I know you and Sheldon need this time alone, everyone does and I know we do too. It's very hard to leave him but he will get stronger through it and so will you. I just know that God will be with you everyday and keep you sane and he will give you peace so that you can enjoy each other. Jadden will have a blast even if it isn't on Rollerblades LOL what a blonde I am, anyway gotta go Love you and we will be praying and we're so looking forward to Pinawa.

sheldon said...

Last night I felt like a newly wed....if you know what I

candypb said...

Nice comment Sheldon. lol I love spending time with you.

Louise said...

You two are too cute!
Love you guys!