Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Rewarding Job

The season has begun. I have found myself sweating and driving like mad. It's a wonderful experience... I had the privilege to work together with my Dad, My brother Dave and My Grandpa. It was a generation doing what they love.Working thirteen hours and building

memories as we drive. My Grandpa, now close to eighty years of age, worked along side of us. His health has done him in, but he's to stubborn to quit what he loves to do. This is Grandpa packing the pile of alfalfa. I'm so proud of him, and his pride for his family working on the farm has blessed us all.
Working with your family tests your Patience many times but it's also very rewarding to see what we have all made it through in the past. I could never ask for a harder job, but it's also an awesome job that means so much more then working in a factory. Surprisingly I'm very close to my family and we all have put our all into building this farm to what it is now and we are so proud.

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