Monday, June 18, 2007

I Miss Him So...

This week has been fill with mixed emotions, built with joy and sadness. I saw fathers day approaching and I was filled with sadness to know that some people had know fathers left to share this special day with.

My Uncle Don meant a lot to me and he has left me with many great memories. His laughter is something that I no longer hear. He's not around to poke me in my rib's. Back then when he was around I sat on the edge of my seat, waiting for the moment he would come up behind me and scare the tar out of me, but he is no longer around.

As I drove the big grain truck this last week, I felt a little closer to him. He had spent many day's flying back and forth from the field to the yard in this truck, and now I had taken his place. Tears welled up inside me and I wanted to just be able to see his face just one more time. I wanted to hear his voice just one more time and then as I thought of his voice, I remembered, "I Love You" was the last thing he signed to me... He no longer had a voice, and he no longer had the energy to lift his hand, but after I sang him a song, He lifted his hand and for the first time he communicated with me... I Love You...
I love you too, Uncle Don and I miss you so much. I'm signing back to you and singing you a song.

"It is finished"

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Louise said...

Very touching dear!!
Love you TONNES!!
Looking forward to our weekend!