Saturday, March 7, 2009

Biggest Loser

I've found my all time favorite show. The Biggest Loser had given me so much inspiration so I decided to get involved in The Biggest Loser League!!!

It's a free on line program that gives you challenges through out the week and it gives you the opportunity to become a team member and get to know new people dealing with the same problems I struggle with. The worst issue I have is just pure laziness. I now get to view my progress through percentages of how close I am to my goal weight, my BMI and charts to record my food in take and measurements.

I started working on loosing some of my weight as soon as I started watching this show so I'm already 52% away from my goal weight. I don't know how dedicated I will be able to be with this whole thing. Theres a lot of documenting to do daily(Totally not my thing). My biggest reason to join was the support from others and extra healthy tips that I can use.

Check it out if your interested.


Louise said...

Way to go Candy, I know you will accomplish what you set your mind to always do ;)

andrea said...

hey! way to go! i find that show so encouraging and seeing those people there...they are working so hard and they want it so bad! Awesome that you found this site...i'll have to check it out. here's a blog that has kept me accountable since January. here's to shrinking!!!

mary said...

Hi. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog. I am Pro Life. I have a calling on my life to do everything I can to lead hearts to look to Christ for answers and lean on one another. Truth is way underrated! My sister who I am very close to, hasn't been able to have children. My heart breaks for her. I will be following your blog. Hope all goes well with your weight loss goals, I too am LAZY. I start to work out then I get bored and have been known to sit and eat while I watch the video 'for next time' I'm not lazy in life, just working out. I get sooo bored!!

Rose said...

I too love that show and think wow those people are so dedicated and don't give up! Way to go Candy, I too know you finish what you start and maybe you can kick my butt into gear! I have been wanting to buy the book but maybe the website would be better thanks for sharing this. I know it's not easy to share these things. Love you Girl!