Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Book of Hebrews

You would think that if you wrote something as great as this you would put your signature on it.
I kinda like the idea that its an unknown author in the book of Hebrews. We don't have the opportunity to focus on anyone other then God Himself, and what He requires of us in our daily walk with Him.
What is said in this book is real and sometimes harsh. But it can be very rewarding when you understand it's message and try to live according to it instructions daily.
The world "Discipline" has become an unpopular word in our society, but according to Hebrews, discipline is necessary in our life. One of the most important areas for believers to have discipline is in their thought life, because every act is the product of thought. "Have your thoughts focused on Jesus." Hebrews 3:1
If we don't discipline ourselves in our thoughts, we could very likely turn away from Gods calling for us and be attracted to the things of the world. Every time that we are lead away from are calling, the works of God through our lives are delayed or even destroyed.
This makes me think about yesterday during our family devotion time. We read about the story of Eli and his wicked sons. (1Samuel 2:12-36) They weren't disciplined enough to think about what God really wanted from them. They were treating the Lords offering as worthless. But in their minds, it was something very little and they figured no one would notice. I in God's eye's it was very sinful. God then told Eli that because of this, his two son's will die on the same day and none of the men in his family will live to old age.
The words in chapter 25 are very harsh but also very true.
If one person sins against another, God will take care of him. However, when a person sins against the Lord, who will pray for him? (1 Samuel 3:25)

I have found for myself that I need my quiet time with God. The more I read in the Word and spend time listening to God, my calling becomes more clear. Reading Hebrews really helped me to see what God intends every believer to do. I encourage you to take the time to read through Hebrews and ask God where He wants you. I promise that it will take a lot of discipline to achieve these great goals that God has set for us, but with our minds set on Him, we can do anything.


andrea said...

great encouraging and inspiring post! I have discovered Hebrews a few months ago...there is so much in it to learn, read and reread and just grow more! i love these devotional type posts! and both verses made me think and react...thanks for sharing!
see you!

Wanda said...

Yes, Hebrews in one marvelous but tough book....You are right, if we are disciplined to act on what we read....we will be growing in our spiritual journey.

Thanks for the reminder to read this great book again. I happen to think it sound a lot like Paul.


Louise said...

Great post chicka!