Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mothers Day Out

Wow... What a day. I didn't know that I could do so much in a day. Or should I say that I have never felt so many different emotions in one day. Of course, I would have to only expect that on a day our with the girls.
I look forward to this day all year long. It's a day out with the in-laws. (girls only)
We started our day with a pedicure (for mom and Rose) and gel nails (for me and Louise). Unfortunately I've had better "TeeHee". But being able to share this time with Louise was great, seeing she was loosing her virginity to Gel Nails. lol
I didn't get any pics of our time at the salon because the chic doing my nails had issues with the glue. "bad mistake" I think she was a little blond.
After we finished up at the salon, we headed off to Earls.
Wow did we let loose. No booze involved, well at the beginning...anyways.

The music in the restaurant was all Cuban so I had to have a Mojito. MMmmmm... Loved it. It made me miss Cuba so much, I was ready to check the air fair.
We spent a lot of time sharing stories in our lives and celebrating our love. I always think it's so interesting to look at all the differences in our lives but yet how we share so much of the same feelings and interests in our lives. Mom has always been such a great influence to me and I love her deeply for her honesty and humility she shares at a time like this. After hearing mom speak so deeply at last years mothers day out, we all took the initiative to share our hearts desires. Tears were flowing..........
And then we laughed so hard tears were flowing
Down our legs ...............LOL...
Never a dull moment.
After our great lunch we went shopping. And again we were a little silly. "Louise"

Thanks girls, for being so much fun and being such a great support in my life. I had a blast and I'm counting down the day's for next year.


Louise said...

Yeah it was a rockin day!!
Thanks for being SO wonderful!
and um yeah about that picture...sigh...LOL
It was a blast!
Lets do Mojitos again SOON!

Rose said...

I agree it was such a rockin day, too bad I missed the peeing on the hydrant but you captured it so perfectly Candy. I love you and thanks for sharing from your heart, it's not always an easy thing to do.
Praying for you Girl!