Saturday, May 3, 2008

What a great way to welcome spring. One of our local greenhouses (Oakridge Greenhouse)started a new program for children. My bro, Mike is a very gifted man in the garden and has taken the time out of his day to teach kids ages 4-12 all about plants, bugs and what a garden is truly made off.
Today was BUGS!!!
Here's Mister Mike "the bee". Teaching us all about bees and how they pollinate.
The Children new everything about bugs and took the time to "teach" us adults about the good and bad bugs in the garden. "What ever happened to raising their hands?" lol...
Nothing we could do but chuckle our way through it.
Something about 35 kids verses 3 adults. lol...

We had a tonne of worms come for a visit... This was the highlight. They felt really important with the magnified glasses.

And to finish it off, they all got their own butterfly nets for their own adventures in their moms gardens. Thanks Mike and Shari for all your hard work and creativity.

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Louise said...

That is so neat! Cool that Jade could take part in his Uncles class!!