Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On The Hunt

Who would have known that trapping moles could be so much fun. My son started a new job. A job that not only has been past down from me, but it's also been past down from his Grandfather. It only pays a lot better now. My dad was paid 10 cents for every mole he trapped, I was paid 25 cents for every mole I trapped and Jadden now gets $1.00 for every mole. "I can't say that's fair"
Yes, This is a family tradition, not as a sport, but for the sake of our fields. These crazy CUTE animals can ruin a field in such a short while. "IT'S CRAZY" So my father hired Jadden do get the job done. As you can tell, these boys got a little carried away with their job. They thought it was great to play tackle football with the rodents every time they caught one. I couldn't help but laugh... and take pictures! I love watching these two boys bond. Jadden really has found a true friend.
After three hours we finally finished our job and made $7.00. It's become a great way to give Jadden a little taste of responsibility. And I've found that it's becoming a great time of bonding for all of us every day.

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Rose said...

Oh that sounds so fun I know my boys would think that is so cool!! Have a great day, Love ya!!!