Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have a new friend. Someone who might be a little dangerous but very entertaining. He/She jumps from tree to tree in the most aerobatic moves and takes care of all those creatures that I would rather live with out. Like mice and squirrels. Not that squirrels are all that bad, but they love to wiggle into the crawl spaces of our house and they make a racket and pull out all of our isolation. So at this very moment, this guy is my friend.
This is a Marten, he is in the family of wolverines, mink's and weasels. EEEeeek... I don't like the sound of a wolverine. This guy should be out in British Columbia but has now made a home on our yard. So we will enjoy him/her for as long as we can.
We just need to be very careful when we let our dog out because this guy is very interested in her. "Not a good thing"
I've seen this thing kill and carry a squirrel the same size as him up a tree. And it's pretty vicious.

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Megan said...

Holy Moly! He is cute, but I can't believe he killed a squirrel!!! lol