Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's about time...

Look what I finally got.
I have wanted a picture of my humming birds for the last two years and I never got a chance.

My last failing attempt (yesterday)was really entertaining. I went to sit outside with my coffee, like I do every morning and I figured that I'd bring out my camera just in case the humming birds showed up. Not to my surprise, they did. I tried to turn on my camera and it didn't. I think I had to try three times till it turned on. (the battery was dieing) I focused on the bird and attempted to take a picture and it didn't do a thing. By that time that bird flew away. But I knew that it would come back so I sat and waited until it returned. Once it did, My camera didn't work fast enough and the bird was gone once again.
At that point I looked up into the heavens and asked God why he didn't want me to share this beautiful bird with my friends. Would he really want this to be just for me? I laughed it off and shared this story with many of my friends witch was very amusing for them.

Finally I have my shot. It was a great time in my life. Just wait, I'll probably get many pictures of them from now on. lol...
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andrea said...

now how cool is that!!! you got your shot! proof of God's answer to a small yet prayer of faith!!!

Wanda said...

OH what a great shot. You did it Girlfriend.

Now I'm going out to get me a humming bird feeder.

Love and Hugs

Louise said...

That is AWESOME!
you got pictures of Conrad's hummer!!
Love you!

The Broken Man said...

FAb! I always struggle with the whole thing of when to enjoy the moment and when to capture it. Mostly I capture it but sometimes i think i miss out on the just soaking up the experince as a result of it. Your pic is fab, and ticks both boxes, you have photographed somethng you enjoy other a period of time, and captured just a m,oment of it. If it was me i would be sitting thier with a camera all day every day taking more and more pics and forgetting just to enjoy!

Rose said...

Wow once again I've been ignoring the computer and look what I've missed out on, awesome humming bird picture, new blog backround, new glasses, new hairdoo and most important you the friend post was so awesome and touching! Love it all... we could be sisters with those new specs, well what do you know we are! I will have new specs as well soon so maybe we'll look even more a like and I will have to go back to red so I can be just like you... oh won't Sheldon and Norm be happy!lol
Love you Girl, hope you are having a great vacation!