Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Trip

Again.. It's been a while, but what a great time I have had.
The three of us took off on a four day trip to Minneapolis on the 28th of March. My goal for this weekend was for us to clean off our slate and take this time to grow in our family relationship and share our moments together in celebration. My prayers were answered. We had such a blast fulfilling every one's expectations and needs. We all went into this trip with a goal to think over each other before we thought of ourselves. I was amazed at how much we could do in the few hours we had every day.
We saw two NHL games. Friday we watched The Minnesota Wild vrs The Vancouver Canucks (for Jadden). Where Jadden got all of the Canucks autographs. He was so exited. And on Sunday we went to the Minnesota Wild vrs The Colorado Avalanche game (for Sheldon). We didn't get any autographs, but we got some amazing pictures and POPCORN..... I have never been at a game where it's been so loud. That's NHL for ya. To bad we don't have the Jets out here any more.
So for me,,,, We went to Ikea, of course. I found a tonne of great thing's witch i didn't buy. But I did come home with a bunch a curtains and have made my house feel so much warmer. The only problem is that every time I put something new in my house I can see what elts I need. More $$$$$$$$$. LOL...

We filled up the rest of our weekend with shopping, eating, and a lot of walking. And to finish it off, a trip to the Mall of America. Jadden and Sheldon had never been there before. You should have seen their faces when they saw the roller coasters screaming past us.
I can hardly wait for another trip. Jadden is getting to the age were we have things in common and we had many chances to share and talk. So often we don't find time to do this at home, but just a little of this makes me want it all the time.
So whats next? We are planning our summer trip. We'll see where we end up.


Louise said...

So glad that you had so much fun on your trip!! Kids value that so much and time away is always great family bonding time!
Hugs to yoU!

Rose said...

I'm so glad as well, you guys deserve a getaway, too bad we couldn't join you there but Kansas was fun as well.
It is amazing how much kids love this no matter what the age. I miss you and hope things are well with you.