Thursday, November 8, 2007

Surgery Day has come and gone.
It was a hard day, something that we hadn't expected, but God surely had a hand in it. Sheldon went in for a hernia surgery and came out with his appendix removed. The surgeon found that Sheldon's appendix was swollen and infected and removed it a soon a possible. The surgeon also found two hernia's and said that we'll have to schedule another surgery to fix them as soon as he's healed from this surgery. So... we have another surgery to look forward to. I can't say that we're looking forward to it, but what are you going to do?
Sheldon is doing very well. He's so thankful that this was all found and taken care of. He's kinda dreading another surgery, but he knows that it needs to be done. He spent one night in the hospital, but know he's at home resting. We are looking forward to a fast recovery and we thank you all for your prayers.
This is an amazing man... He's never thinking about himself, only about others. Is he worrying about himself right now? No... He's more concerned that I wont get too tired. I am tired, but I enjoy taking care of him.
He's a really good patient.
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Louise said...

I SO love that man of yours!!!
I am happy all went well!