Friday, October 19, 2007


I've always said that I haven't enjoyed fall much. I can't stand all the leaves dieing and falling off the trees. It takes a matter of a week and the tree's start to change color and they loose their leaves. I know it's not like that every were, but that's all we get. I've always said, it reminds me of death.
This weekend was a different story for me. As our family headed out to the bush for our annual fall hayride, I saw this beautiful bush growing outside of my Grandmothers house. The colors were so rich and the bush was still full of leaves. I don't think my camera could have snapped fast enough. The sun was like a spot light on these leaves. It shone just as bright as the sun. Not only had I found this bush, but my brother was in there right along side of me, catching it's beautiful hue with his camera. This is a picture I want to frame, so I can see these colors every day.
I can use it as a reminder, that God has made everything beautiful. Even fall, when the leaves start to fall to the ground.
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Crystal said...

I never thought of fall that way! I like fall, to me it is like the trees are going to sleep after a long hot summer of providing shade. It reminds me that God gives peace and rest - even to the trees - and He wants rest for me to:)