Thursday, October 25, 2007

every day of life

What's this life I'm searching for?
I can't really say what my expectations are in life, other then happiness, peace, guidance and love. I'm trying to live a better life every day. This brings questions, fears, joy and relief to my life. I know my life will never stop changing. I know the trials and defeats are ahead. But when?
Letting God take over my life and hold me accountable for every minute of my day solves my problems. And then in between the minutes, I have seconds of doubt. Fear can take of my confidence and hold me prisoner.
"Will my life long dreams ever happen?"
"Why am I sitting here day in and day out knitting into my dreams?"
"Will I be able to be strong enough to follow through in the hard times?"
As I write, God is speaking to me. "Follow me and I will give you what you need."
As I sit for a while and ponder on his words, I feel relief...
With God's freedom he has given me.
My choices to follow through only inspire me to keep pushing through. What I've accomplished at the end of the day, gives me a peace of mind. My failures push me to try harder tomorrow.
I will live to give God praise. God gives me hope and he gives me strength.
He has the control, and I will live with that in mind.
I will praise God for every day of life he blesses me and my loved ones with.
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Louise said...

Very well written!! You are awesome dear! Love you lots!

Rose said...

I love the picture of you Candy it makes me think of what it will be like to walk in heavens gate.
I loved what you wrote as well and I know you are being blessed, and he will guide you,push you and he is shaping you into the person he wants you to be, I love watching you bloosom. Love you lots too!