Monday, February 21, 2011

I need to confess

Oh, the things we do for our children. This week is busy busy busy! My son is on a hockey team so us parents always have the dreaded week scheduled into our winter to work the canteen. It is only a couple of day's through out the week but it's too much for me.

Sunday: Company for lunch, my moms birthday party.
Monday: Moms birthday, working the evening shift in the canteen.
Tuesday: School, working the evening canteen shift.
Wednesday: School, Jadden's first play-off game and hour away.
Thursday: School, Helping Shel's sis and bro-in-law move.
Friday: Home school group, Work the canteen evening shift.

I'm the kind of person who can't handle a booked up week. I need at least one evening for my family to stay at home and rest. I'm also a person who can't handle change. Yes' I'm laughing while I right this because who's life doesn't change, but I'm confessing my weakness.
I wish you all a great week. Be sure to give me some tips if you have anything stashed in your survival kit.


Wanda said...

My heart goes out to you. Now my four children are all adults, but I remember those Monday-Sunday weeks.

I enjoyed the way you shared it, which tells me you still have your sense of humor...and that will take you a long way.

Rose said...

Hi Girl,

So good to read about your busy life as I too have a busy life! It's good but sometimes one just wants to sit back and breathe and I truly understand!
Remember to take it one day at a time and it will soon be over!
Not liking change is not a weakness you just like routine and that's being healthy!!!
Love you Girl!